Plans for Health!

Are you keen to take vitamins and supplements for health and energy but do not know where to start? Powlifer helps. We provide plans for vitamins and supplements - you buy the ingredients, and voila! - life could not be better!

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How it works

We have created plans consisting of active vitamin complexes. They help completely stabilize
all body systems, as well as keep veins, muscles, and all cell membranes toned.
They also energize the body for a long time, boost concentration, and increase
strength, performance, and endurance. It's all because our plans are specifically selected and balanced for maximum impact on your health.

  • Choice of direction

    Do you choose what you want to improve? Do you want to be more stress resistant? Or want to lose weight? Maybe more productive and energetic? Choose the direction, your age and gender.

  • Purchase of the plan

    You can buy a plan with detailed instructions on how to take supplements. The plan indicates the additives themselves, their quantity, as well as the time of admission.

  • Taking supplements

    You buy these supplements on the site. You can buy them from our partners or choose the store yourself. And take them according to our plan, getting the desired result. Stay healthy!

Plan example

When you purchase our product, you receive a doctor-prepared list of supplements to take. You can download the example below to see what your product looks like.

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We do not sell supplements, only instructions for their use. We'll tell you which supplements to take and when to get the desired effect. You can buy supplements yourself - we provide a discount at partner stores.

  • Specific

    Pre-made schedules for vitamin and supplement intake, designed for a specific purpose or task.

  • Reliable

    The plans are created by leading doctors in sports medicine and nutrition specialists.

  • Quick

    Minimum time spent: a short test without visiting a doctor.

  • PED-free

    No drugs classified as PED

    are included in the plans.

Discount for you!

You can buy supplements on your own, but we can also offer you a discount from our partners.

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Questions and answers

Why our plans can be trusted?

The plans are prepared by professional sports doctors and nutritionists. You no longer need to rely on the advice of a friend or the pharmacist at the pharmacy.

Do you sell only circuits or are supplements also included in the product?

We sell only plans - the name and time of taking supplements. You will need to buy the supplements yourself, but we provide a discount on iHerb. It is in the plan file.

Where to buy supplements and vitamins from the plans?

Our plans are selected based on the needs of the person, not the manufacturer. That's why we do not promote any trademarks.

The preparations offered in the plans were chosen based on the IHERB.COM collection. It is the world's largest distributor with the most comprehensive range. However, you can always purchase supplements at any point of sale convenient for you.

You and only you are responsible for your health!

And you can also have a positive effect on the health, calm and well-being of your loved ones.

You should consult your doctor before making a decision.

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